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Neighborhoods around Emory University and Decatur

Photos of various homes and shops in Decatur

Homes and Shops in Decatur Neighborhoods

Emory University and Emory Hospital are the largest employers in DeKalb County, along with the Center for Disease Control (CDC).  Neighborhoods close to Emory and the CDC include Druid Hills homes, Emory Grove, University Heights, and Decatur. Emory Village is a bustling community of Shops and Restaurants frequented by students, Emory faculty and locals. The area is convenient to everything , has an excellent school system, and many homes are located within walking distance to Emory.

Downtown Decatur is surrounded by beautiful historic neighborhoods, reflecting a variety of architectural styles. The tree-lined streets, strong sense of community, and nationally recognized school system continue to draw young families to the city. It's also a mecca for singles - with chic restaurants, shops, and a vibrant walkable downtown area. Decatur is a close-in community near major shopping centers, grocery stores, churches, restaurants, interstate highways and an international airport. 

Decatur has also developed their streetscape and encouraged multiple new organizations and retail properties to move into the area.


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